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24 Rising Climate-Tech Startups in Asia connect with ENGIE 

ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific and ENGIE Lab Singapore jointly organised the Startup Synergy initiative, successfully convening 24 climate and Greentech startups based across Southeast Asia.   


The primary objective of this R&I initiative was to facilitate new partnerships with innovative startups, aligning their efforts with ENGIE’s strategic sustainability goals. The business matching and networking event provided an opportunity for ENGIE entities to engage in constructive dialogues with entrepreneurs, explore localised low-carbon solutions to accelerate decarbonisation and forge mutually beneficial alliances across diverse sectors such as energy efficiency, carbon removal, ESG, renewables, battery storage, cooling, hydrogen, and more.   


The collaborative exchange showcased the immense potential of startups in catalysing sustainable transformations within the region for R&I and ENGIE’s local entities, including ENGIE South East Asia, ENGIE Impact, ENGIE Services Singapore, GEMS and others.

Startups Spotlight: 


  1. Ampotech develops internet of things (IoT) hardware and AI-enabled software to help businesses collect, analyse, and integrate building and machine electricity usage data for sustainability reporting, benchmarking, automation, and facilities management. 


  1. Aqua Power is an innovative hydrogen energy technology company specializing in the products and services in relation to production, storage and supply of hydrogen power. Their core product is WaterStation – an “All in One” integrated water-electrolysis-based green hydrogen energy production, supply and storage system that can provide clean energy to users onsite. 


  1. Arkadia Global is specializing in asset tokenization. Our platform is used for various projects, including carbon credits and commodity trading. Arkadia experts’ network and representatives today cover 10 countries across Southeast Asia, China, India, and Europe. 


  1. Augmenteed is a software platform for designing and building digital workflows for front line technicians at their job site. It optimizes the daily tasks of workers by deploying applications that replace outdated manual processes, resulting in improved productivity, better team collaboration, reduced errors and lower costs. 


  1. Beez-fm uberizes the building management systems market by offering a complete SaaS solution for Building Automation and adds an important social aspect understanding the customer’s building and the people inside. It helps customers to save energy from a technological approach, social approach and process approach. 


  1. ByoMax enables low alkali biomass to be a game-changing substitute for coal in the hard-to-decarbonize coal and supercritical power industries for the first time globally. It offers biomass fuel and carbon capture and manufacturing solutions to help customers generate renewable energy on zero carbon basis. 


  1. Ecoline is a leading green cooling solutions provider leveraging on harnessing sustainable solar and ambient thermal heat energy. Ecoline’s key focus is to continually seek more efficient and cost effective sustainable green cooling solutions so urgently needed in a rapidly increasing global warming environment. 


  1. EcoWorth Tech is addressing the global issue of poor waste recycling and carbon emissions as well as inefficient treatment of contaminated and oily wastewater. EcoWorth Tech produces the Carbon Fiber Aerogel (‘CFA’), an environmentally friendly super-absorbent material made from a cellulosic waste biomass. 


  1. En-trak is a proptech IoT solution provider that is on a mission to make buildings more efficient, productive, and comfortable places to work, all while helping to reduce carbon footprint and operating costs. Customers include property owners, facility managers, corporations, government agencies and schools. 


  1. ESGenie provides both generative AI and science-based AI capabilities to support and streamline the intelligent automation of fragmented and silo-ed ESG data value chain to drive meaningful business decisions. 


  1. Genplus sells energy storage systems and specialize in integrating energy storage solutions with renewable energy solutions to form more complete and robust energy solutions. Genplus also offers the 2nd life battery. These are re-purposed good-working Li-Ion batteries taken from retired EV cars. 


  1. GreenFi is an ESG risk & analytics software for sustainable financing. Greenfi offers predictive analytics software for ESG Financing based on Machine learning and AI models. 


  1. NEU Battery Materials recycling technology is the world’s first sustainable redox targeting battery recycling solution. To meet the surge in electric vehicle demand and match the inflow of lithium battery disposal, NEU’s modular system allows for rapid scalability with minimal operating footprint. 


  1. Nika.eco is a B2B SaaS solution to automate carbon offset project development through remote sensing, A.I. and digital ledgers. CarbonGPT deconstructs mountains of carbon data to bring you succinct and precise information. Spend less time researching. Spend more time changing the world. 


  1. Noco-noco is a decarbonized energy solutions provider dedicated to accelerating the global transition to a carbon-neutral economy. They offer a range of innovative solutions including X-SEPA™ battery separators for enhanced performance and noco-noco Lease, our carbon-neutral leasing platform for eco-friendly transportation. 


  1. Origenr8 produces green hydrogen using a breakthrough technology ,without electrolysers nor renewables like solar or wind.  Using their patented Catalytic Thermolysis process, their green hydrogen generated is the lowest cost compared to other methods. 


  1. Puro.earth ensures companies can neutralize carbon emissions with science-based carbon removals and remain trusted on the road to carbon net-zero. Puro.earth issues verified CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs), a new kind of carbon offset based on carbon removed from the atmosphere for the long term. 


  1. Red Dot Analytics is a cognitive digital twin solution to digitalise, optimise and automate data center operations and management for business resilience and sustainability purposes. Their Industrial Metaverse Platform empower mission-critical infrastructure operators with a suite of AI capabilities. 


  1. Resync is an AI driven Intelligent Energy Cloud Solution that helps Enterprises to be Energy Efficient and meet Sustainability goals. Its cutting edge technology and machine learning enhanced solution ensures advanced analytics, optimisation and monthly savings for smart buildings, renewable energy assets and smart homes. 


  1. Spinoff Robotics is an unmanned aerial system (UAS) solution company. Their proprietary aerial robotics technology enables safe, cost-effective, and efficient pressure-sensitive fluid-spraying operations for elevated cleaning at heights, and accelerates the sustainable development of these jobs. 


  1. SunGreenH2 is transforming green hydrogen production from electrolysis with proprietary technology for high performance, low cost electrolyser components using advanced nanostructured materials. SunGreenH2 manufactures core components for electrolyser cells, stacks and systems, enabling customers to produce affordable green hydrogen. 


  1. Teale provides knowledge and tools to help businesses and organisations manage and reduce their energy/utility costs and carbon footprint. It combines best-of-breed software and technologies with quality Energy Engineering to help customers manage and reduce consumption and to deliver better performing facilities. 


  1. Terrascope is an enterprise end to end, smart carbon measurement and management SaaS platform. By combining data science, machine learning and sustainability expertise, the platform provides the data, analytics and digital tools to help large companies decarbonise their business operations and supply chains. 


  1. Zuno provides end-to-end carbon management solutions that helps organizations measure, offset, and reduce emissions by integrating across clients’ business value chain to collect activity data. Our solutions allow you to calculate your carbon footprint in real-time using real activity data automatically collected. 


SustainX is a SaaS platform designed to help financial institutions lower the cost of deploying sustainability-linked loans for the SME segment in ASEAN markets. The solution aims to address challenges for both FIs and SMEs by acting as the largest behind-the-scenes facilitator of Medium Enterprise decarbonisation projects.


EnShare works with REITs and multiple building owners in Australia to optimize rooftop solar and storage installation, as well as aggregate capacity for participation in Australian energy market. Building owners are able to meet ESG targets and receive revenue share

from energy sale to tenants, who in turn access green energy at up to 25% lower tariffs.


EVDots was a startup originally under ENGIE Factory that has now become part of a ComfortDelgro Engie JV that is dedicated to the roll out of EV charging infrastructure and supporting the transition to sustainable transportation. The goal is to provide the entire ecosystem, from renewable energy production to EV charging systems to electric vehicles on the road. ​​


ORkA is an advanced digital system that easily allows customers to input their energy information – about their buildings, factories, and businesses – and get a clear and professional improvements report instantly. Then, depending on the ROI of each action plan the customer makes an informed decision to choose the best for them, ORkA also offers financing and deployment of the solution.


PHNXX is a modular microgrid solution that provides customers with reliable, sustainable and cost-effective power on demand to suit their unique energy consumption profiles. PHNXX solution offers multiple sources of renewable energy generation coupled with battery storage and managed by an integrated Smart Energy Management System to meet customer energy demands without relying on the grid. 


Entarctic maximizes energy efficiency in cold warehouses by reducing the electricity bills of cold storage facilities by up to 30% while ensuring safe temperatures. Its solution is quick-to-install and instantly makes customers’ cold room more energy efficient and sustainable. It is installed with no disruptions to operations and delivered on a pay-as-you-save or buy-and-own model.


GetSolar is a digital-first solar company in Singapore and is one of the first in the region to provide zero upfront cost, rooftop solar-as-a-service for smaller commercial and residential property owners. Customers now have a way to get instant solar savings without putting any money down, and in a risk-free approach.

Carbon Compass

Carbon Compass is decarbonising the mining sector by aggregating energy-related data from mid-tier mine sites to accelerate their deployment of renewables. Carbon Compass’s digital solution creates different simulations of renewable energy assets to help miners optimise their energy stack with different configurations of renewables.


TablePointer is an energy management-as-a-service for food and beverage outlets. Decentralized facilities like food and beverage outlets in Asia use 4X more energy per sqm versus office buildings and profit margins are hit by over 15% from energy wastages. TablePointer’s intelligent energy and asset manager helps decentralized facilities optimize energy efficiency, monitor assets and upgrade profitability.


BillionBricks is developing solar housing communities by combining effective technologies for solar houses with renewable energy models. BillionBricks’ innovative design makes it possible to build net-zero homes to foster homebuyer inclusiveness and reduce the carbon emission of the built industry. Projects are being deployed now in the Philippines to create net zero communities.