What We Do

Driven to deliver real impact, we build, scale and invest in startups and individual founders who share the mission to accelerate the transition to zero carbon


We partner with individual talents and provide them with resources and expertise to build impactful companies.

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We work with startups to scale their solutions globally and open wider business opportunities.

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We foster sustainable growth for startups through strategic capital investment.

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About ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific

We are the venture arm of the ENGIE Group in Asia. Our mission is simple: Together with startups and individual founders, accelerate the transition to zero-carbon. Through ENGIE’s global presence in over 70 countries, we can provide a unique competitive advantage to the startups we build and partner with. This in turn helps ENGIE achieve its zero-carbon ambitions more rapidly.

Our focus areas are in

Green Mobility

We are looking for innovative solutions in alternative fuels, transport infrastructures, smart transit systems, electric mobility and upstream design and planning. Our goal is to improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, keep traffic flowing and optimize transit networks.

Smart Cities

ENGIE is leading the charge to smart, sustainable, and online cities. With the evolution of energy transition, we want to collaborate with startups on new technologies that will allow citizens to have a better quality of life.

Energy Efficiency

Matching energy generation to demand is a key enabling factor for the energy transition. We are looking for startups with smart technologies to develop energy management solutions to respond more effectively to customer needs.

Renewable Energy

We want to redefine our relationship with energy by developing decentralized models for local generation of energy from renewable sources and developing innovative networked energy storage and redistribution solutions.

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