Factory organises FASTRACK: Tech for Zero Carbon

19 November 2019

ENGIE Factory hosted a full-house event discussing how technology and innovation can fastrack cities into zero carbon. Topics include: turnings buildings smart and eco-responsible, creating accessible green mobility for all, and feeding the future with sustainable food systems. These topics were discussed with change-makers from CDL, GrabWheels, Life3 Biotech, Electrify, Centre for a Responsible Future, SustainableSG, and VCs dedicated to sustainability from Idinvest and Big Idea Ventures.

The event started with EV taxis chauffeuring ENGIE employees to the Singapore Sustainable Academy (a zero carbon venue) where attendees were greeted by an exhibition of startups and an earth-friendly bazaar. There was also a popular e-scooter circuit set up by GrabWheels and the F&B highlight was the long queue formed for the famous and freshly served IMPOSSIBLE burgers.

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