Let’s create a sustainable future

ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific seeks entrepreneurial individuals to address tomorrow’s challenges in sustainable energy, cities and mobility


What We Do

BUILD New Startups

Co-creating new business models with great founders and building companies that matter


ACCELERATE Startup Growth

Supporting startups through ENGIE’s global network and resources


SCALE Startup Businesses

Matching startup solutions to business opportunities within ENGIE to provide opportunity for rapid scale


INVEST in Startups

Investing in high-potential, scalable startups through ENGIE New Ventures, our venture capital arm 


Defining the energy & smart city ecosystem of tomorrow

Our focus is to work with startups and founders to co-develop solutions that will change the way we deal with energy and transform how cities operate.


Our Four Focus Areas

Green Mobility


ENGIE is working on clean mobility solutions that transform the way energy is used. We are seeking solutions in alternative fuels, transport services, and urban mobility that would reduce pollution and improve productivity.


Smart Cities

7 out of every 10 people will live in the cities of tomorrow. ENGIE is leading the change in energy production and consumption in urban communities with technologies that will allow citizen to control the way they consume energy.


Energy Efficiency


We are looking for solutions in energy management and smart grids that adapt to energy demands. This includes tools that leverage Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to enable data-driven decisions. 

Renewable Energy


As ENGIE rapidly decarbonizes, we seek entrepreneurs to develop decentralized models of renewable energy generation, storage and distribution, including off-grid solutions in remote locations.


Join our ‘Call for Founders’ now!

Build your startup with ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific! We are looking for motivated individuals with ambition to solve pressing issues around energy, mobility and sustainability. Join us, bring or find a co-founder,  solve a problem that matters and build a company. 



People First

Our philosophy is that people come first. We want to team up with highly motivated individuals who have demonstrated entrepreneurial capabilities.

Venture Build

We provide the capital, support and domain expertise to build startups together with entrepreneurs, starting from ideation to product-market fit and international growth. 

Solve Problems that Matter

We want solutions that are an order of magnitude better than the status quo. Our innovation compass is to fail fast and learn fast. 


Benefits of Joining

Access to Customers

Entrepreneurs will access ENGIE business units and our client network across 60 countries as initial customers for sales and feedback 

Domain Expertise

We share our operational experience and industry access in energy, infrastructure and smart city services with entrepreneurs.


Application Criteria

Entrepreneurial Streak

We seek individuals who can demonstrate their entrepreneurial desire and disproportionate achievements while faced with limited resources.  

Sector Focus

We seek entrepreneurs motivated to solve challenges in green mobility, smart cities, renewable energy and sustainability.

Asia Pacific Focus

Entrepreneurs will be based out of our office in Singapore and may travel to customer sites across Asia Pacific.   


Applications close
29 March 2019 


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