BeeBryte offers data-driven HVAC control & chiller optimization software for increased energy efficiency and comfort at no cost thanks to AI prediction & patented technology.

BeeBryte’s solution (IoT Gateway + Software-as-a-Service) is minimizing utility bills with automatic HVAC & Chiller control (refrigeration, heating-cooling equipment). BeeBryte can also control batteries and EV charging stations in real time.

Based on weather forecast, occupancy, usage and energy prices, BeeBryte predicts the building’s thermal energy requirement in order to produce heating-cooling always at the right time while maintaining comfort & temperature within an operating range set by the customer.

ENGIE Factory is working with BeeBryte to help our customers save up to 40% on their utility bills thanks to energy efficiency gains and the capacity to shift energy consumption when it is the cheapest (reduce peak load, price arbitrage, demand-response and more).

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