Unprecedented speed in rooftop sourcing and contact lead generation for the installation of solar.

One of the most ambitious goals of the century is to accomplish an energy transition towards zero carbon. Solar, particularly roof top photovoltaic (PV) installations holds a key potential in facilitating such a clean energy evolution. Yet, the penetration of rooftop PV is only less than 5% worldwide.

The main reason for such low numbers is due to the high costs from the sales process for solar rooftop projects. It involves multiple manually driven processes which are tedious and labour-intensive. Lots of time and efforts are involved in characterizing qualified leads on right places for solar installation and identifying the right person to contact for negotiating and closing each sale.

Together with GioSenz, we are building GeoLeads, an AI driven solution to automate the solar rooftop B2B sales pipeline. GeoLeads perform big data analytics on satellite imagery, building information and technical performance information, to speed up the traditional way of prospecting, to do feasibility assessment and to generate qualified leads for solar sales. GeoLeads’ technology works on pre-trained machine learning models that can pick up rooftops and compute solar potentials. At one go, this platform can identify all potential buildings and owner/agent information on a city- or country-level scale and send emails to them directly, saving considerable time, costs and efforts.

GeoLeads is a product from GioSenz, a data analytics company focussing on providing insights at a macro-scale for sustainable urban development projects. GeoLeads is expected to be deployed for use for automating solar sales in Australia market in 4Q 2019.

The solution can also be extended for site suitability analyses for solar farms, micro-grid analyses and to also generate leads for other renewable energy sources like hydro, wind and thermal power plants.