The solution to homelessness and poverty is neatly packaged as a solar home.

150 million people live without a permanent roof over their heads, and face accompanying humanitarian crises such as famine, poverty and infectious diseases. A further 1 billion people live without adequate housing.

PowerHyde is working on the world’s first solar home community. Designing with the homeless in mind, PowerHyde homes are the world’s first carbon positive residence. Each home produces four times the amount of energy it requires — and the excess energy? It can be sold to power other communal facilities and generate an additional income for the families that own them. A cluster of 170 PowerHyde homes forms a mini-power plant capable of generating 1 megawatt of energy.

Besides energy, each PowerHyde home collects 100% of its rain water, cleans it own waste and grows its own food. All this is managed on an IoT infrastructure, allowing owners to monitor their homes from afar.

We are using technology to solve homelessness, empower the poorest and end the poverty cycle, one solar home at a time. PowerHyde concept is developed by billionBricks, an award-winning non-profit innovation studio which has built more than 4,400 shelters across 8 countries.