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We partner with founders to build climate tech ventures to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy

Your venture will be backed by one of the world’s biggest player in low-carbon energy and services


A team


to your venture

Our founders gain a
competitive edge
over others

We build our ventures by combining the best of both worlds: the entrepreneurial skillset and the established corporate assets of ENGIE, leading to much higher chances of success.

If you are serious about success and want to build smart, then you should build with a corporate too. We help you leverage ENGIE knowledge, networks and resources to rapidly get up to speed with the needs and challenges in the energy industry.

What makes
our program


Our Venture Build Programme is based on the Lean Start-up methodology which provides a structured approach to identifying the most important factors for a startup is to achieve success.

We work with founders to design experiments that can effectively generate data that either supports a hypothesised path or does not.

Throughout our process of iteration, we also use tools such as the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas to ensure that our ventures are based on a strong, data-backed commercial foundation. All of this means that our ventures solve real problems and are well positioned to accelerate decarbonisation at scale.

We’re looking for
exceptional individuals
to drive transformation

Join ENGIE Factory Venture Build Program as a full-time founder and build your company with us.

You will receive seed funding while retaining the equity and freedom to set the business direction and see your vision come to life. We’ll work with you to develop a detailed business plan, as well as an investment pitch leading to the setup of a new independent company that can leverage synergies with our global ENGIE businesses. No background in energy, technology or entrepreneurship is required.

Why build a

new venture

with us?

Join ENGIE Factory Venture Build Program as a full-time founder and build your climate-tech company with us.