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ENGIE Factory is part of our Group’s Research & Innovation division. Today, we have the ability to identify, explore, experiment and deploy solutions that will make the energy transition possible and faster than ever. That’s why together with startup founders, we are building the low-carbon energy systems of tomorrow. 

ENGIE’s pledge to fight our climate emergency

Let’s act now. The path to net zero is long and complex, but solutions are available, and ENGIE is here to help the world accelerate the energy transition by working with fellow transition makers. Here’s our pledge and plan to make it happen.

How our Venture Program works

ENGIE Factory works with founders to ideate, validate, launch and commercialise their startups. Each venture is an independent company led by founders. The venture is also backed by ENGIE which gives founders access to global business networks and resources. After the venture is launched, ENGIE Factory continues to support the startup over the next few years through their growth stage - from getting product-market-fit to commercialisation and further fundraising.

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About ENGIE Factory

Faced with the climate emergency and the need to reduce polluting emissions, it is now essential to find innovative solutions that contribute to the transition to carbon neutrality. Thanks to a global ecosystem dedicated to research and innovation, ENGIE is investing and working to conceive new digital solutions for energy services or for the circular economy. With one purpose: decarbonize human activities. 

With our start-up incubators, research teams and investments in start-ups, ENGIE has built a single ecosystem focused on innovation. In recent years, the Group has successfully imagined and rolled out solutions around sustainable mobility, decentralized energy, connected buildings, land management, hydrogen and energy storage solutions, to name a few.

ENGIE Factory was created as the startup studio of ENGIE Group. We partner with entrepreneurs to build new, scalable startups that will impact our climate. We co-build the new business with the founders, provide early-stage funding, and direct access to enterprise-grade resources and networks from ENGIE which gives our startups a competitive advantage and fast track to global growth. 

The climate-tech businesses that our founders build with us are all on the same mission to accelerate decarbonisation and resolve our climate urgency. And the ENGIE Factory team is dedicated to supporting our startups throughout their growth.

How it works

Supporting Founders from
ideation to commercialisation

Supporting Founders from
ideation to commercialisation

Venture Build Process

We belong under the ENGIE Group

ENGIE Factory is a startup studio that is owned by ENGIE group. ENGIE is a global energy player, focused on renewables and decentralized low-carbon energy infrastructure, supporting the decarbonization of its customers. 

We combine economic performance and positive impact on people and the planet by relying on our key businesses (gas, renewable energies, services) to offer competitive solutions to our customers.

As a leader in low-carbon energy and services, we are committed every day to accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral world with our 170,000 employees, our customers, our partners and our stakeholders.

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billion euros EBIT in 2022
worldwide highly skilled team members
million beneficiaries with access to sustainable energy since 2018
38 gw
installed Capacity of renewables
billion euros investment in energy transition
102.7 gw
of installed power production capacity

ENGIE’s 4 Global Business Units

Renewable Energy

Thermal & Supply

Network & Infrastructure

Energy Solutions

Ambitious decarbonisation targets

Achieve NET Zero by 2045

Contribute 45Mt CO2eq clients decarbonization by 2030

4GW of renewable hydrogen by 2030

Achieve 80GW renewable capacity by 2030

Our Team

Caroline Guyot Managing Director
Loic Mulle De Terschueren VP Investments
Claire Tan VP Legal and Portfolio
Tim van Vliet VP Venture Scale
Samir Bennafla VP Venture Build
Gilaine Han Operations & Community Manager

Join Us as a Founder

Founders who join our Venture Build Program are on an accelerated track. We work closely with founders to ideate, validate, launch and scale their startups.


You’ll be supported by a dedicated venture building team to build an investment pitch, and once approved, you will get early-stage funding from ENGIE Factory to kickstart your new independent venture.


SustainX is a SaaS platform designed to help financial institutions lower the cost of deploying sustainability-linked loans for the SME segment in ASEAN markets. The solution aims to address challenges for both FIs and SMEs by acting as the largest behind-the-scenes facilitator of Medium Enterprise decarbonisation projects.


EnShare works with REITs and multiple building owners in Australia to optimize rooftop solar and storage installation, as well as aggregate capacity for participation in Australian energy market. Building owners are able to meet ESG targets and receive revenue share

from energy sale to tenants, who in turn access green energy at up to 25% lower tariffs.


EVDots was a startup originally under ENGIE Factory that has now become part of a ComfortDelgro Engie JV that is dedicated to the roll out of EV charging infrastructure and supporting the transition to sustainable transportation. The goal is to provide the entire ecosystem, from renewable energy production to EV charging systems to electric vehicles on the road. ​​


ORkA is an advanced digital system that easily allows customers to input their energy information – about their buildings, factories, and businesses – and get a clear and professional improvements report instantly. Then, depending on the ROI of each action plan the customer makes an informed decision to choose the best for them, ORkA also offers financing and deployment of the solution.


PHNXX is a modular microgrid solution that provides customers with reliable, sustainable and cost-effective power on demand to suit their unique energy consumption profiles. PHNXX solution offers multiple sources of renewable energy generation coupled with battery storage and managed by an integrated Smart Energy Management System to meet customer energy demands without relying on the grid. 


Entarctic maximizes energy efficiency in cold warehouses by reducing the electricity bills of cold storage facilities by up to 30% while ensuring safe temperatures. Its solution is quick-to-install and instantly makes customers’ cold room more energy efficient and sustainable. It is installed with no disruptions to operations and delivered on a pay-as-you-save or buy-and-own model.


GetSolar is a digital-first solar company in Singapore and is one of the first in the region to provide zero upfront cost, rooftop solar-as-a-service for smaller commercial and residential property owners. Customers now have a way to get instant solar savings without putting any money down, and in a risk-free approach.

Carbon Compass

Carbon Compass is decarbonising the mining sector by aggregating energy-related data from mid-tier mine sites to accelerate their deployment of renewables. Carbon Compass’s digital solution creates different simulations of renewable energy assets to help miners optimise their energy stack with different configurations of renewables.


TablePointer is an energy management-as-a-service for food and beverage outlets. Decentralized facilities like food and beverage outlets in Asia use 4X more energy per sqm versus office buildings and profit margins are hit by over 15% from energy wastages. TablePointer’s intelligent energy and asset manager helps decentralized facilities optimize energy efficiency, monitor assets and upgrade profitability.


BillionBricks is developing solar housing communities by combining effective technologies for solar houses with renewable energy models. BillionBricks’ innovative design makes it possible to build net-zero homes to foster homebuyer inclusiveness and reduce the carbon emission of the built industry. Projects are being deployed now in the Philippines to create net zero communities.